Icomania Answers Character Level

Here you will find the Icomania Answers Character Level

Icomania Game app is one of the most popular games for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The ideea of this game is simple. You have to guess what is the name of the character after you see an icon and to write the correct answer using the 12 letters provided under the icon.

This are the answers, solutions, walkthrough, cheats for Icomania Answers Character Level.

Icomania Answers For Character Level







Donald Duck


Captain Future

Pink Panther


Luke Skywalker

Snow White

Charlie Brown



Peter Pan

Scooby Doo

Agent Smith

Boba Fett



Captain Kirk






Captain America

Dr House

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Icomania Character Level Answers List:
Answers Yoda
green alien with white hair and pink kimono
Answers Picard
bald guy with a red and black uniform from startrek
Answers Shaggy
Roscan and weak guy with a green shirt and a little beard
Answers Sid
an animal with big eyes and a big black nose behind some glaciers
Answers Magnum
mature guy with a mustache and floral shirts in a car
Answers Anakin
a character with a cape covering his head half face
Answers Donald Duck
a character dressed in a yellow legged blue uniform and red bow
Answers Ken
a character with a scarf around the neck and brown hair
Answers Captain Future
Pierce a big red superhero and a large golden collar
Answers Pink Panther
a black panther with large whiskers, pink nose on a pink background
Answers Goofy
cartoon character dog face, two large teeth and a green hat
Answers Luke Skywalker
a movie character dressed in a white kimono parted in the middle
Answers Snow White
character story very white complexion wearing a princess dress in a forest
Answers Charlie Brown
child cartoon character with a big head and yellow shirt
Answers Pikachu
character with a yellow flash on a blue fur
Answers Alvin
a squirrel dressed in red, with an “A” on the chest and wearing a cap racial
Answers Peter Pan
a story character flying over a city at night and has a hat to the head
Answers Scooby Doo
brown dog with black spots with a green diamond-shaped medallion around the neck
Answers Agent Smith
agent in suit with dark glasses eye that looks very official
Answers Boba Fett
a movie character with a mask. She starred in Star Wars
Answers Bambi
a character story. a deer with a pink butterfly on the tail

Icomania Answer Borat: a movie character, a guy wearing a funny green spedo
Icomania Answer Captain Kirk : a Star wars movie character wearing a brown shirt.
Icomania Answer Genie : a blue Disney character, with a small goatee beard
Icomania Answer Zorro : black mask of a famous movie character
Icomania Answer Lilo : little girl waving hand, have a black hair and she is wearing a red blouse with a white leaf on it
Icomania Answer Falkor : A grey character with big brown eyes, white hair and white mustache, showing his teeth, on a grey background
Icomania Answer Doctor : character wearing a brown suit with a green background
Icomania Answer Captain America : an half of the shield of Captain America, compose from the USA flag
Icomania Answer Dr House : a brown walking stick with four yellow pills in background

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