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Candy Crush Cheats and unlimited lives are want all the players of this game want. Candy Crush Saga is a game available on all Android and iOS devices and also you can play it on Facebook too. The game is made by developer. This game is more difficult on mobile devices because you can use free bonuses from friends,  but on Facebook you will receive bonuses like free moves and lives from friends all the time and you can use them. If you want to finish this game in less time, I suggest you to play it on Facebook.
Use this Candy Crush Cheat to receive unlimited lives and to don’t wait 30 minutes for a free live. This is the ONLY ONE WORKING Candy Crush Cheat. No download needed.

Candy Crush Cheats

Now you have to wait 30 minutes to get a new live in Candy Crush Saga game and the bad part is that you can have more the 5 live at a time even you don’t play the game over a day or more. This is very frustrating and everybody search over the internet for Candy Crush Cheats.

Sometimes you will play the 5 max lives from Candy Crush Saga in few minutes and you will want more and you don’t want to wait 30 minutes for a free live from Mr. King. I don’t like to spend money on Candy Crush Game or on other mobile game and I found Candy Crush cheats to get lives fast.

If you play Candy Crush on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy or other smartphone you can receive lives fast. This is want you have to do:

Candy Crush Cheats

Go to your device/mobile setting at “date and time”. At date and time choose to set the date and time manually.
Now you open the Candy Crush Saga game and play all the lives. This Candy Crush Cheats is more like a bug. After you lost all the lives just close the game.
Now go to setting at date and time and change the day or the month, by example if today is 22 July change the date and time to 22 august.
After you changed the time and date reopen the Candy Crush Saga game. Now you will have 5 lives again. This is the Candy Crush Cheat.

This Candy Crush cheat works at any level of the game and any time. Also this cheat (to change date and time) works to other games that make you wait for lives or coins a period of time too.

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